Gas Pack Grinder

Gas Pack Grinder

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Gas Pack glad to present a fine quality of Grinder for invariably even grinds for your tobacco and herbs. Gas Pack Grinder gives you perfectly fine grinds easily and quickly. It gives you the fine control that you can only get from doing it by hand.

Because our superior quality grinders feature four compartments:

The first and second compartments' diamond-shaped sharp metal teeth thoroughly grind your herbs.  The third compartment filters any pollen or undesired residue with a fine screen, and then cleansed and placed into the fourth compartment.

Easy and fast to Clean because gas pack grinders have magnets to retain the grinder's lid properly in place steady as you grind. The grinder is elegant and portable, making it easy to keep or if you require it on the go.

Why choose Gas Pack when several options are available in the market? Gas pack work with the manufacturers to develop only high quality, steady grinders made from reliable material. Never compromise on your grinds and rather get the affordability, quality and confidence, you can trust with the Gas Pack Grinder.

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